I'm a designer and partner at Ask designers with 10 years of experience building brands and products. I'm also a web developer who loves the nitty gritty of fleshing out great ideas.

I also write a A semi-weekly newsletter for young designers, and co-produce a podcast about design thinking for non-creative professionals.

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Digital Product Design and Development
Digital Product Design

Great ideas often start out pretty rough. I work closely with you to develop your idea into a product that your customers will adore.

Web Development
Web Development

As a front-end and JS developer I use a modern toolset to build highly maintainable and functional websites and web applications.

Digital Product Design and Development
User Research

Your users are what make your business work. Check your assumptions about user needs against real data.

Digital Product Design and Development
Concept Development

Design is way more than just visuals. I work to develop a deep conceptual framework for all aspects of my work.

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